Branch list sometimes shows all feature branches as thousands of commits ahead of main branch (BB-10643)

Issue #9492 resolved
John Carter
created an issue

We just had a weird issue for a few minutes where the web UI showed our git master branch as having no commit history, and branches were thousand of commits ahead -

When I cloned from the repo I got a sensible looking checkout, and looking at the web UI now it's returned to normal - our branches are a few commits ahead/behind of master as expected.


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  1. Léo Goffic

    Having the same right now (though not on a master branch).

    Cloning the repo from scratch, the branch does have the commits, so it is really on the UI.

    Anything you've done to go back to normal?

  2. Peter Hull

    I confirmed the repo was OK (as you have done) then just carried on. When I made my next push, everything was back to normal on the UI. I don't know if that was coincidence or the next push fixed it.

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