Long Repo Names : Unable to Change Repo Logo from Default (BB-10600)

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Ellery McKenzie
created an issue

I created a repo on 2014-05-14.

I have attempted to assign a logo to the repo a number of times over the last several days with no joy. The default logo stubbornly refuses to go away:

Untitled 2.png

  • I click on Change Logo and select a new logo
  • I then click on Done and I get the "updating" animation:

Untitled 3.png

After that, nothing changes. Clicking on Save Repository Details has no effect (per: https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issue/5286/impossible-to-change-projectlogo). The default logo remains in place, both in the repo settings and any page that shows the repo logo (like our team page).

Doing a full page reload or logging in from a completely different computer has no effect.

I have not hit this issue in any of my previous repos (the latest one being created on 2014-03-25).

I have tested on Firefox/osx, Chromium/osx, Safari/osx and Firefox/linux. Same effects in every case.


It seems that having a really long repo name may be the cause of this problem. I'll update further with some steps to reproduce the issue sometime soon.

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  1. Ellery McKenzie reporter

    also note that there is a ">" in the title. I wonder if that's being expanded into ">" or "%62". That would push the title length beyond 64 characters. I wonder if that may have something to do with it ?

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