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Issue #9505 wontfix

CNAME and team page does not work

Nils Hyoma
created an issue

I forwarded the CNAME of "www.issocial.de" to "bitbucket.org" and added the to domain to the Custom domain settings. Now the redirect shows our bitbucket site about our team, but not the hosted http://issocial.bitbucket.org/index.html page.

For me seems the CNAME is working but there is a problem with me or bitbucked.

I want the redirect to direct to our page "http://issocial.bitbucket.org/". Project name "issocial.bitbucket.org" and http://issocial.bitbucket.org/ is reachable.

If I redirect the domain "www.issocial.de" to "issocial.bitbucket.org" the result is "There's nothing hosted here."

Do I make a stupid mistake?

I read this one: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Associate+an+existing+domain+with+an+account



Comments (2)

  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    The purpose of CNAME support is to allow you to access your team's profile and repositories from a custom domain. Unfortunately we do not support CNAMEs and static websites at this time.

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