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Issue #9508 resolved

404 from Custom Domain profile

Angus Ireland
created an issue

Using the new layout, repository links on my profile at my custom domain (ie http:/[/domain]/) link to http://[domain]/[user]/[repo] instead of http://[domain]/[repo]

Links in the Recent Activity feed are unaffected.

Comments (5)

  1. Michael Diamond

    All URLs pointed to our custom domains are currently 404ing, this is breaking workflows.

    I seem to be able to file new bugs as blockers, but not edit this one to be a blocker. Can someone update this?

  2. Riot

    It seems that every time there's an interface update, custom domains get broken.

    The links on a team or account's page now point to "http://mydomain.mysite.com/myteam/myrepo" where they should obviously not include the "myteam" portion.

    If you're suffering from this, the repositories are still accessable where they were - the workaround is just to remove your team name from the URL.

    Someone really needs to add a testing process before these sudden rollouts, especially when they can completely break a workflow.

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