Please consider reverting to the previous layout as the new one is worse

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Maxim Novikov
created an issue

Hey guys,

It looks like you are trying to make Bitbucket look more like Jira now. What was good about Bitbucket, however, is that it was NOT that Atlasssian commercial issue tracker, and this was what most people liked. The previous layout with the project menu at the top, but not on the left, was perfect for navigation. Now what you basically did is made the user experience worse as now we (users) have to perform more actions to use that one, as well as there are now 3 menus (left, top and top right) which are located in different parts of the screen.

I know that as you have already made this change, it would be pretty unlikely to get the previous UI back, however, please at least think about that, as what you have done simply sucks compared to what we had before.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you don't like the new dashboard layout. As you note, it's very unlikely that we'll simply revert to the previous layout, but we are collecting feedback on the changes and will be making tweaks and modifications as necessary.

    Based on what we're hearing so far, we're confident that the new dashboard layout is an improvement for the vast majority of users. But any detailed, constructive feedback you can provide will help us round out the experience for as many use cases as possible.

    Cheers, Zach

  2. Richard Chui

    Thanks Dave. I do see it on the tab, but I have many tabs opened, so there is not much space left to show the repo name.

    Oh, the sidebar... I see it now. But then again, that space is too short for the full name.

    I think it would be nice if they can show the repo name in the main content section. (Or I should start using shorter names...)

  3. Erik van Zijst

    I'm closing this issue as it has lost focus a bit. We do take the feedback on this and other issues into account though, even if there isn't any immediate action.

    @Richard Chui if you want you can raise a separate issue for better display of long repo names.

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