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Issue #9537 invalid

Error On Pull Request Page

Mark Krosky
created an issue

On my pull request:


It says:


We were unable to load this page."

where it would normally display the code for the change.

Firebug says:

"NetworkError: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR - https://bitbucket.org/empowernetwork/cron/pull-request/13/env-1890-and-env-1686-new-cron-job-for/diff?_pjax=%23pr-tab-content"

Comments (3)

  1. Indigo1

    I just ran into this issue. I had had committed and backedout several times on my fork. When I was finished I issued a Pull Request and cleaned up the rubbish in my repository using Strip in admistration. So tip is now back at a prior revision... and my Pull Request does not default to the new tip. And I can't manually change it to the new tip. What should I do?

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