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Issue #9551 resolved

Snippet Hosting

Isaac Reid-Guest
created an issue

Please could a Bitbucket snippet hosting service be produced, complete with a very simple(ideally http auth based) API, support for multiple files in a single snippet,and super-simple sharing and forking.

Other potential extensions to this feature could be:

  • HTML Snippet hosting(Akin to the user.Bitbucket.org hosting, i.e. snippet-id.bitsnippet.org)
  • Git Access
  • Clean and simple web editor interface.
  • Markdown support
  • (Far-fetched?) Compilation/Testing of code, similar to IdeOne

I would really appreciate this feature, especially if hosting was available. I respect that I may be asking a large amount, but I feel this feature would be a great help, and a great fit with the Bitbucket platform.

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