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Issue #9558 invalid

BitBucket Plugin for PyCharm: Can't Login

created an issue

I'm using plugin jetbrains-bitbucket-connector_PC-133.881 with PyCharm 3.1.3. I get the message "Can't login to BitBucket" when I click the Test button of the BitBucket configuration screen. No joy with password, password-protected RSA key, or unprotected RSA key. However login via git-bash works fine with either key. I'm happy to provide additional documentation but I'm new to PyCharm and not familiar with logging modes, log file locations, etc. I classify the defect as major because it prevents the use of BitBucket with PyCharm. However, if there's a workaround (I haven't found one) I'd concur that the defect should be rated lower--perhaps much lower. Cheers.

Comments (3)

  1. william_mccarty reporter

    Oh, but come to think of it: Unless memory deceives me (which certainly is possible) the nice PyCharm folks have referred others having problems with the plugin here because. according to them, the plug was created and is maintained by BitBucket/Atlassian not by PyCharm. The issue does appear to me to pertain to the plugin but not to PyCharm itself since similar plugins for other version-control sites generally work fine.

    I'm not trying to sow discord but only trying to get the plugin to work. I have filed a similar report at the URL you kindly provided, Jon. Thanks again for your help.


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