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Issue #9567 closed

Consider displaying repository description somewhere other than search results (BB-10690)

created an issue

The "description" field in Settings is no longer shown anywhere on my project pages after the new redesign. Instead there is a message admonishing me to create a README. This is not acceptable.

I do not intend to create a file named README or, if I do, it will not be for display on Bitbucket. I do not want my README files shown on the project page. My "description" fields are Bitbucket-specific descriptions and as the file host you don't get to dictate the contents of my repositories.

I need the "description" field displayed when it is set.

Marking as "bug" because you are hiding content I have set from users. Marking as "major" because I have description set on many of my project pages and you have just broken the presentation of all of these at once.

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