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Issue #9568 wontfix

Need ability to hide "Recent activity" sidebar

created an issue

Since the redesign, on most pages I see a huge sidebar box labeled "recent activity". I have no reason or desire to look at this, yet it is taking up most of the space on the screen. You should offer the ability to hide this, or at least.

Maybe if you weren't wasting all that space on "recent activity", you could actually show the site controls on the left side of the screen. Why is "recent activity" considered more important than any of the UI verbs, such it needs several times more screen space?

Marking as "major" as this seriously impacts site usability on small screens such as the one on my laptop.

Comments (8)

  1. Zachary Davis

    Most of the feedback we've gotten on the redesign is actually that people would prefer that the recent activity is more prominent, so I think it's unlikely that we'll implement the ability to hide it. It also seems like maybe the root cause here is #9569.

  2. Ivo Cazemier

    In Jira, one is able to alter it's dashboard by itself. Maybe organize as widgets and let user determine the looks / layout a bit. You've got the tech already right @ Atlassian?

    Would be nice.

  3. Rohit Verma

    I agreed with mcc and if possible requesting to reopen this issue. We would like to have a nice wide image in our markdown and with the extra space the font size in image would be just perfect. Why not having it merged in left panel, make some room there. May be shift actions to icons like done for clone. Navigations and reviews go hand in hand. Honestly speaking the actions are preferably used by either terminal or git clients and I rarely felt the need there

  4. Kyle Wilson

    I too want it gone because I've created and deleted a repo repeatedly in preparation for a screen cast and now over in the activity looks like a bunch of commits to repo that doesn't exist. You could probably bust out a quick bookmarklet with something like

    document.querySelector('.activity').style.display = 'none';

    and accomplish the goal without requiring code changes or an explicit feature. Just a thought.

  5. Florian Tatzel

    This sidebar makes overview unusable since I cant even read slightly longer repository names. There is no point to have it take over 50% of an page. Even if it takes up 30% it is still considered prominent placement.

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