Sidebar remains docked after pjax page load (BB-10736)

Issue #9581 resolved
Alan Hardman
created an issue

When scrolling down, the sidebar gets the .aui-is-docked class, which adds position: fixed; to keep the sidebar in place. This works fine until another page is loaded (apparently via AJAX). If the page is too short to enable the scrollbar, or before scrolling, the sidebar will be over the top of the navbar, since it doesn't lose the .aui-is-docked class until it's removed by an onScroll event. See the attached screenshot for an example.

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  1. Alan Hardman reporter

    I'm running Firefox 29.0.1 on Windows 8.1 Pro. I can't reproduce it on Chrome on any OS, but I can on the latest Firefox for Windows and OS X, and the latest Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1.

    To reproduce it:

    1. View a Repository
    2. Select Source from the Navigation (others untested)
    3. Scroll down (may require a short, but not narrow browser window, responsiveness kicks in otherwise)
    4. Click a small file that does not cause the browser to enable scrolling (.gitignore, etc.)
    5. The sidebar will still be in the fixed position over the top of the navbar on the affected browsers.
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