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Issue #9600 closed

enable project homepage content to pull from ./wiki/Home (BB-10702)

Tom Roche
created an issue
(Apologies if this is a duplicate FR, but searching issues with 'wiki readme' got no hits.) I have several fairly-complex scientific-computing projects where the "home page" content (typically gotten from `./README.*`) would duplicate top-level wiki content contained in `./wiki/Home.*`. On such pages I do something like https://bitbucket.org/tlroche/aqmeii-na_n2o > Go here; apologies for the extra click. where "here"==link to https://bitbucket.org/tlroche/aqmeii-na_n2o/wiki/Home I'm guessing I'm not alone in this usecase--does that seem reasonable? If so, why not enable such an option in project setup/configuration? E.g., if the user chooses to create a project wiki, give the user the option for project homepage content to pull from `./wiki/Home` xor `./README`.

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