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Issue #9602 resolved

Reported repository size seems wrong

Pavel ☝
created an issue

Hi, we have a repo, https://bitbucket.org/rbraswell/afolu_ccalc

And it now displays this message: This repository's size is over 1 GB. Read more on how to reduce the size of your repository.

As well as reports the repo size to be 1.4GB. However, when I run this:

git count-objects -v -H I get size-pack: 141.88 MiB

How can this be?

Comments (12)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Pavel,

    It looks like your repository has a lot of data in pack files that's either redundant or no longer being used. Due to the way we have Git's garbage collector configured, it didn't clean up that data.

    I've forced garbage collection on your repo, it should report being 143 MB in size. I've also filed an internal issue to address this general problem.

  2. Jake Logemann

    Hi Brodie Rao

    Currently, I am unable to push to origin on the master branch. It appears that there is a permission denied error when git appends to the remote ./logs/refs/heads/master file. I have verified that the file has correct permissions on my end, perhaps the file was modified with root or something similar?

    For now, I have been able to push to an alternate branch, let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks! Jake

  3. Pete Eveleigh

    Having this issue too. Repo was very large (1.6GB) but I've cleaned it up and now when I run git count-objects --v I see the size-pack as being 198838. The repo info screen still says that it's 1.6GB.

  4. giuseppec

    This issue seems to be still not resolved, I have the same issue as Pete Eveleigh. I e-mailed to the support-team and hope that this will be resolved soon. Thanks!

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