Pull Request Declined Spontaneously (BB-10791)

Issue #9603 resolved
David Valentiate
created an issue

A bunch of our pull request have been declined without anyone on the team doing that.

The activity view for those pull requests doesn't show a record for anyone having declined the issue. Other issues that were previously declined do show a declined record.

This seems to have started 2 days ago (2014-05-28). I haven't figured out what might be triggering it.

This should take you right to the evidence: https://bitbucket.org/coursepark/coursepark/pull-requests?displaystatus=declined

Comments (18)

  1. Yishai Levenglick

    this is still happening, just happened to us.

    the weird part is that in the connected JIRA ticket, we see the pull request as still being open and non of the watchers got an email about the decline

  2. Jesse Yowell staff

    Hi all,

    We've recently updated libgit which will hopefully prevent some of the race conditions which were causing pull requests to erroneously decline. Since this was just updated, we're asking if anyone sees this issue still occurring, please tell us and e-mail support@bitbucket.org with the URL of the pull request that was declined. Thank you for your patience while we've been wrestling with this!

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