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i miss the github search feature that lets you sort by "recently updated". it´s a nice feature to implement because it will let you filter all the old/decapricated repos

i would get rid of the "Connect Bitbucket with..." misleading icon on the top left corner. The first five times i thought it expanded some menu...

also, a feedback button somewhere would be nice. i'm fairly new to bitbucket and finding this site/master/issues was kind of a pain in the back

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  1. Anonymous

    You can use "Repositories" menu item to view the recently updated repositories.

    The collapsable menu on the top left is a way to market their other products and make people aware that they can connect with these services. Yes, it's a bit misleading but I'm sure every user get used to it.

    Couldn't agree more on the feedback part.

  2. Zachary Davis

    I created issues for the feedback link (#9616) and the sorting of search results (#9617). As noted above, the menu you reference is important for users who have Bitbucket connected to other applications and therefore it is unlikely we'll remove it.

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