Linked JIRA issues in commit message are case sensitive (BB-10710)

Issue #9615 wontfix
Devin Holmes
created an issue

If I commit code with a JIRA issue id in the commit message (such as "gs-1111") bit bucket will not properly link the id unless it is capitalized ("GS-1111"). The linkage code should probably be made case-insensitive.

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  1. Kaleb Elwert

    This is a bug in the DVCS connector. I'll make sure it gets to the right team.

    For now, you can work around it by manually setting up your Jira connections using the Jira link type, rather than the custom one which is set up by the DVCS connector.

  2. Martin Jopson staff

    @Isoton Atlassian - thanks for commenting on this issue. I've created a new issue to track the required fix at

    I will close this issue once more as it is for a different change, that Jira issue keys not be case-sensitive for linking, which will not be fixed. For further details and commentary please view

    Kind regards,

    Product Manager

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