Repository warning causes layout error (BB-10744)

Issue #9628 resolved
Ben Miller
created an issue

I am getting a warning that my repository is over 1GB. When this warning is shown, it pushes down the entire content of the page to where the side panel content ends.

It looks like a css issue, .aui-message-banner has a clear:both which is pushing it down below the sidebar.

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  1. Ben Miller reporter

    I'm using Chrome (35, latest) on Windows 7. I've also tested this on Firefox (latest build) with the same results. IE 9 shows no issue! It affects the layout when the sidebar is both expanded and collapsed.

  2. Ben Miller reporter

    That's interesting, I have a mac that I can test on later, I'll see if I can reproduce it on there or get some more insight into what's going on. Here's what I found for now:

    There's a css ruleset being applied:

    .aui-page-sidebar-touch .aui-sidebar:not(.aui-sidebar-submenu), .aui-page-sidebar-touch .aui-sidebar-submenu:not(.aui-sidebar-submenu) {
    background-color: #f5f5f5;
    float: left;
    position: static;

    Is this ruleset meant to be targeted for a mobile device? Without this ruleset it displays as it should.

  3. Ben Miller reporter

    Aha, I was about to say no, but I do have a Leap motion sensor installed on my system! My browser think's it's touch-enabled, so that must be it!

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