Automatic closing of PRs on pushed merges is not working intermittently (BB-10727)

Issue #9629 closed
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

Pull requests intermittently do not close automatically as a result of a local merge/push

To reproduce:

  • Create a pull request
  • Merge the two branches locally
  • Push the merge to Bitbucket
  • Observe the PR is still open
  • Then push a new commit into the repo as another user
  • Observe it is now closed, also the person who closed it is the second pusher

Comments (6)

  1. Jonathan Jacobs

    Thanks for filing this, Marcus. Unfortunately I don't have any more information on how this started happening, all I know is that it started during the migration period with normal (at least I can't recall anything out of the ordinary) operation. If you have any suggestions to try, I'd be happy to consider them.

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