Improve CSS for rendering HTML generated from Markdown etc. (BB-10745)

Issue #9637 closed
Yif Dai
created an issue

Compared to that produced by GitHub, GitLab, etc, the rendered HTML from Markdown etc. currently on BitBucket looks bad. It looks almost like pure HTML without any polish: dense, long-lines, especially hard for the eyes. Please provide a decent CSS for rendering HTML generated from Markdown etc.

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  1. Yif Dai reporter

    So really you just want a fixed width on markdown content?

    Not only. Here is another issue. The rendering of headings is inconsistent. In the default view of (on the top-level of the repository) Level-1 headings are not in bold face. Level-2 up to Level-6 headings are in bold face. The color of Level-4 up to Level-6 headings changes to gray. Even strangely, Level-4 and Level-5 headings are in fully capital. After switching to the individual view of (that is, the view after clicking on the file), Level-2 headings are no longer in bold face. Level-4 headings changes back to black and are no longer in full capital. Level-5 remains in fully capital. All this is just messy.

  2. Yif Dai reporter

    Headings in the markdown are intended to follow the Atlassian Design Guidelines so as to be consistent with the rest of the product.

    I do not understand why the guideline forces Level-5 headings to be fully capital. What is the motivation and justification for this? In my opinion, the decision should be left to the user. For instance, if my Level-5 heading contains an acronym, the whole heading in fully capital is definitely not what I want my reader to see.

  3. Vincenzo Lombardi

    I agree, the look & feel of Bitbucket wiki is bad. For instance, tables are rendered without vertical lines, which I'd prefer to the row only and I'd like to change heading styles (I don't agree with the predefined ones).

    It would be great if you can let users specify their own CSS.

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