Download Button is not functioning on the repository main view

Issue #9638 duplicate
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The Download button on the main repo page is not functioning for me. I searched the issues and came up with #5692 . Since the original author didn't reply and i cannot reopen that issue again, i'll open this one instead. Problem: Download Button has some kind of gui glitch. It doesn't show anything to me instead of a gray bar. Expected: See some kind of download option or get some kind of default download. Reality: Just a gray bar apears under the download button.

Tested on Fedora Linux 20 fully patched.

Browsers used:

Google Chrome 35.0.1916.114

Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 (with extensions NoScript and Ghostery but fully unblocked the Bitbucket URIs)

I've recorded a small screencast to demonstrate the problem. I'll attach it to this issue

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