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Peter Epp
created an issue

With the new UI, there is no longer any navigation for accessing a repository's admin settings page. There used to be a little gear icon, but that has been removed. If you create a new empty repo there is no way to access the settings page unless you manually enter the URL (e.g. Once you have code in the repo, there is a share button in the top right corner of the overview page and through that you can find your way to the access management page by going to the "Repository" tab and clicking "Manage this repository," which takes you to the access management page. This is very convoluted and not at all obvious, nor helpful when the repo is still empty.

There was a case recently where my colleague created a new empty repo and realised he had created it under his personal account instead of the company account and needed to transfer it before we could grant access to the right people. It took two of us 20 minutes to figure out how to simply access the settings page where the transfer option can be found.

Seems to me there should be a "Settings" link under "Navigation" on the left - that makes the most sense to me.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    There is a settings link at the bottom of the sidebar (bottom left hand corner of your screen). We have already received feedback that this is easily overlooked and are working to improve this.

  2. Peter Epp reporter

    D'oh! Totally missed that. Thanks, hope to see the improvement come out soon. I guess it also doesn't help when you have a maximised browser window on a 27" monitor - you tend not to look at the bottom corners.

  3. Victor Pogrebnyak

    Thanks for the issue, I can't find repository settings more than 2 days...

    Small addition (it may help somebody): this button appears only if I scroll down the page and move mouse to this corner. By default the button is invisible!

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