Commits tab is empty, branches inconsistency (BB-10748)

Issue #9651 resolved
Bohdan Orlov
created an issue

onefinestay : OFSStaffApp : Commits — Bitbucket 2014-06-05 15-30-38 2014-06-05 15-30-40.png onefinestay : OFSStaffApp — Bitbucket 2014-06-05 15-31-16 2014-06-05 15-31-28.png onefinestay : OFSStaffApp : Branches — Bitbucket 2014-06-05 15-33-08 2014-06-05 15-33-10.png OFSStaffApp (Git) 2014-06-05 15-32-48 2014-06-05 15-32-49.png

Other repositories seems to work fine.

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  1. Guanhuan Chen

    More details for my repo: * "No commits to display." on the branch I just pushed changes onto which is 'master';

    • Commits shown correctly in "Recent activity" and by clicking on the SHA code of the previous commit, every commit is reachable on the bitbucket UI;

    • $git log showing all commits;

    • run $git log in a new clone of the repo, showing all commits;

    • so as sourceTree.

  2. Arfonzo Coward

    I'm seeing the same issue here:

    • Commits are pushed into the repo, and show in Recent Activity stream.

    • If I clone the repo, the recent commits to the branch are there.

    • They just don't show up in the Commits tab. The specific URL to each commit from the Recent Activity stream does work, so they are there, just not being displayed.

  3. Zachary Davis

    The underlying issue has been fixed. However, there may be caching problems that mean some repos will continue to exhibit this problem. This can be fixed by pushing to the repository again. If you do not wish to push, you can contact support for help fixing your repo.

  4. Hai Bison


    My private repo shows "No commits to display." for main branch master.

    Would you please help? I'm very sorry that this is not my own repo, but my client's. So I can't post its URL here, because I haven't asked my client yet. Please contact me via my email address, I'll send you the repo URL.

    Thank you very much.

  5. Hai Bison

    It's really weird.

    I tried 2 things:

    1. Cloned my repo. Nothing happened.

    2. Made new branch, for example test. Then pushed that branch to Bitbucket server, via:

      git push --set-upstream origin test

      Then everything returned back.

    However I still think it was a bug. So if you want to fix it, this is a good chance to file your own private issue :-)

    Have a nice day everyone,

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