Commit View doesn't show any branch names after it's been merged to the main branch (BB-10767)

Issue #9658 wontfix
Chris Tingley
created an issue

Branch names are listed on the commit view before that commit has been merged back to the main branch, but no branch names are listed afterwards.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Okay, it sounds like this is intentional and has been this way "forever", both on the individual commit view and the commit list.

    The reasoning is mostly technical, but from a practical standpoint once the commit is on the main branch (and will likely be disseminated out to other branches) it makes less sense to consider the commit as belonging to a specific branch.

  2. Chris Tingley reporter

    I see your point, but knowing the originating feature branch is pretty useful. Also, not that it is a reason for doing it in its own right, but github always shows the original branch for any commit, even after its been merged onto the main branch.

  3. Andrei Vieru

    I have to say, especially moving from mercurial on bitbucket to git, this is really annoying to not have visibility into what branch the last commit came from.

    In this case there are two branches, "merge_test" and "dev_merge" ("dev_merge" was started off "merge_test").

    Look at last 3 commits, it's entirely unnecessary to look at this at glance and not be able to tell which branch was last merged into master.

    Please change to "will fix". You do this for mercurial and it's great to have.


  4. Ian Stanley

    I'm needing this the other way around. I'm looking at a branch that has previously been merged into master and need to know what was committed to that branch between it being cut and being merged back. This would represent the total work that was completed on the branch. I'm at least needing to diff between the cut point and its most recent commit (currently obtainable by viewing its source, presuming the branch hasn't been deleted).

    I'm hoping I've missed a trick.

  5. epoitras

    It is indeed annoying not to know in which branch a commit is present. Our previous tool was showing this information and now this lack of visibility is a regression for us.

    +1 to add a feature for this.

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