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Issue #9678 closed

Take README off overview page or make part of config, not repo (BB-10759)

Dale McGladdery
created an issue

While the README.md document fits a certain workflow it does not fit the one at my company. While the Overview page is generally the best choice as a landing page for staff, have a "Create README" sad face is more than completely useless.

Request that:

  • It can be removed from overview page
  • It can added as part of the configuration metadata in Bitbucket, not part of the repo

Not having a MD file in the repo root was one of the nice little differences from GitHub. It's sad Bitbucket felt compelled to copy this.

Comments (5)

  1. Zachary Davis

    Just so we can understand better, can you explain a little more about your desire to not have a readme? The opinion on the team here is that having a readme is a best practice for any repo.

  2. Dale McGladdery reporter

    I realize I have made the assumption that the README file in question will be automatically added to the repo. If that is not the case, I apologize. I have not actually tested the feature to find out.

    If, however, it is added to the repo, here is some background:

    • We have only private repositories so don't have the same types of concerns others might have when someone starts using their repository.
    • We are using Confluence to manage the kind of information typically found in a read me file
    • It may not be typical practice, though I don't believe it's atypical, we use Git as a deployment tool. The repo root corresponds to the web root. In our situation, having a README file in the web root is not desirable.

    It would be nice to have overview text in that space, just not stored in the repository. Then I could link to Confluence documents and JIRA issues and keep the information private.

    Further, by hardcoding the name, location, and format of the file, you are making assumptions about the client workflow and repository structure. I respectfully submit you should be agnostic. There is no one-size-fits-all best practice.

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