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File encoding in diff view (BB-10792)

Alpha Nieves
created an issue

When I see a commit that changes ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 to fix accent, in the diff view the result is inversed, for example:

-Categoría:</td><td align="right">
+CategorĂ­a:</td><td align="right">

But in the source code in RAW mode, the code is:

Categoría:</td><td align="right">

I made some refactor in my company project to fix this and transform with iconv all files in ISO-8859-1 to UTf-8, and every commit that I see in diff view the result is inversed (only in diff view, in code it's perfect!)

I can show the link to commit to Bitbucket's support team if needed.

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  1. Luciano Silveira

    I'm writing a text in TeX, in portuguese; and I found problem with character encoding. This text:

    %%%%%%%%%%%%%% Material e métodos
    \chap Material e métodos


    %%%%%%%%%%%%%% Material e mйtodos
    \chap Material e mйtodos

    Is there a solution?

  2. Alpha Nieves reporter

    The problem is too simple, only need to update the encoding of the view to show the file content right, is not admissible that this ticket still open since 2014-06-10, our teams has migrated all repos to GitLab just for this issue.

    Bitbucket you lost many people every day thanks to this issue SLOW-workflow

  3. Luiz Filho

    Because this and many other bugs but more importantly the lack of support and improvements on BitBucket, we moved over to GitHub.

    I can contribute to thread with the solution I created for my company here: I have created a shell script that converts all files to UTF8. Then run it on master and all other branches as well. Then orient all developers to only use UTF8 for their files. It was too much work though.

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