Error when push files to repo.... no https URL anymore ? I am using netbeans

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gabriel vicente
created an issue

I have 1 repo on bitbucket which is working fine and I can connect to it using netbeans and this URL :

Now I have created a different repo... and I cannot find where it is the URL so I can copy it. I have looked all over the site.

So I have tried the similar url<my_new_repo>.git but it doesn't work... I got ans error: Read timed out after 450,000 ms

I am trying to push some data there... the new repo is still empty

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  1. Zachary Davis

    If your repo is empty, you should see a page with instructions when you go to that repo. It sounds like you want the "I have an existing project" instructions under "Command line".

    If you just want to find the clone command/url, it should be available via the "Clone" action in the sidebar.

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