Cicking comment help button loses any entered text (BB-10794)

Issue #9712 closed
created an issue

Consider the following scenario:

  1. You type some text.
  2. After typing you watch preview and realize that it is not what you want.
  3. Now you push (?) button to get help.

If you push (?) with left mouse button then it redirects you to the “Mark up coments” page, effectively wasting what you have already typed. Something may be restored by firefox when you press “Back”, but this is not the case if you are typing in “Close issue” or similar popup windows.

Well, now you are educated and push (?) with middle mouse button to open it in new window. It does not work: you see the same page you were seeing before, except for it being 1) in new tab and 2) blank. Text from previous tab did not disappear, but I wanted help and not a blank clone of existing tab.

// Help page on its own is pretty useless though (what you actually want is only accessible through one of the links on it), but that is another issue.

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