Latest commits not showing up in repo/commits/all

Issue #9718 resolved
Rolf Schroder created an issue


We have a little problem in our repo view. Comparing to

(see attached files), we cannot the see the latest commits. They are pushed, we can see them in the overview, check their diffs when clicking on the history on the right hand side or see browse the Source. But nothing appears in commits/all. We cannot find them (using the search bar there) neither. I think it's worth noting that we changed the owner of the repo from DavidFerrand to RolfSchroder but nothing else.

Best, Rolf

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  1. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    I don't know the details, but it had to do with a corrupt rev list file. We fixed the underlying bug a week ago, but your rev list hadn't been regenerated yet.

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