Problem creating a pull request

Issue #9739 closed
Yosmany Garcia Alfonso
created an issue

I'm trying to create a pull request (via web) to a project and I just get a json in the browser:

{"url": "/api/1.0/repositories/yosmanyga/git/pullrequests/tasks/8fe80d92-1bf1-4ef5-9420-e3804b16ab66", "taskId": "8fe80d92-1bf1-4ef5-9420-e3804b16ab66"}

The name of the project is "git". Maybe this is related to the issue?

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  1. Chris Somme staff

    Hi Yosmany,

    It should be unrelated to the name of your repository. We have seen issues like this in the past and thought they had all been addressed.

    What browser/version are you using? Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

  2. Yosmany Garcia Alfonso reporter

    I was using Ubuntu Firefox 28.

    The action showed a json in the browser, but the pull request was created.

    Also, one of my developers changed his fork's name from git to mygit and the pull request works fine.

  3. Chris Somme staff

    Yes, the pull request will be created. When we've seen this problem in the past it has been because the content-type wasn't set properly in the response. We thought we had squashed the bugs in the area, but there must still be some there. Thanks for the info, I'll try and reproduce.

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