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Problem confirming my email

Ryan Rivera
created an issue

I just signed up for a new account. However, upon responding to the confirmation email, a message appears that says, "We were unable to confirm your email address. The validation email may have expired."

A quick search suggested this: You should be about to go back to your list of email addresses (Account > Email addresses) and click 'resend confirmation' for the email address in question.

However, when I go to Email Addresses, there is no "Resend Confirmation" link. What should I do?

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  1. Chris Somme staff

    Hi Ryan,

    I'm not sure why you originally got the "We were unable to confirm your email address". I see that you currently have a single confirmed email address in our system and none pending confirmation. We'll try and figure out what went wrong originally there, but you now have a fully provisioned account.

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