Automatically mark pull request as 'Approved' when all commits in that pull request got approval.

Issue #9742 wontfix
Limon Monte
created an issue

Given Author upload a pull request containing 1 or more commits

And Reviewer do code review process

When Reviewer mark all commits in pull request as 'Approved' (using Approve button)

Then given pull request should be automatically approved on behalf of Reviewer

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  1. Chris Somme staff

    Hi Limon,

    I think that what you're asking for is that when some (or all) of the reviewers of a pull request approve it then it will automatically be merged.

    We have no plans to implement this in the near future. We try and allow teams to set their own policies around approval and merging of pull requests.

    Note that even though the approval will not happen automatically, any user with write access to the repository can merge the pull request, so often the final approver can merge a pull request.

  2. Limon Monte reporter

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for reply!

    No. Auto-merge isn't what I asked for. What I looking for is auto-approve pull request. Let me show you example:

    Pull request "feature/foo", which contains 3 commits: C1, C2, C3.

    When I approve C1 and C2 and C3, then pull request can be automatically approved because all parts of it (all commits) are approved.

  3. Chris Somme staff

    Sorry I misunderstood, thanks for the clarifications. Probably not something that we're going to do right away, but we'll take your input into consideration for any changes we make to the pull request workflow. Thanks.

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