Renaming API created repositories (BB-10818)

Issue #9745 closed
Amelia Lang
created an issue

Using the API ( to create a repository one can specify mutually exclusive names and slugs. Updating any repository detail resubmits the name provide and updates the slug. Thus returning later to modify any value on the repository details page (eg website or description) changes the slug and thus all of the team members and servers need to update their remotes.

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  1. Chris Somme staff

    This is a mismatch between our version 1 and version 2 APIs, and a feature we have to put some more thought into. As noted, the version 2 creation API does allow you to specify different values for the slug and repository name. Unfortunately there is currently no version 2 API to edit the repository.

    The version 1 API does not allow you to provide separate values for these fields -- the repository slug is always derived from the repository name. The UI behaves similarly to the version 1 API, the user cannot specify a value for the slug, it's always derived. Any changes we make need to balance what's possible with the API and through the UI.

    I've added an item to our internal backlog to track this issue.

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