Clicking in the grey area should not collapse the sidebar (BB-11063)

Issue #9749 closed
Will Gibson
created an issue

So that it doesn't keep closing any time you click anywhere in the nondescript empty grey area, like when you just want to bring that window back to the front.

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  1. Chris Somme staff

    In the current design the sidebar will automatically expand when your browser window is wide enough, at which point the side bar will stay expanded or collapsed (it will not exhibit the behavior you described).

    When the window is narrower the sidebar is automatically collapsed. In that mode when the sidebar is expanded the sidebar floats above the content of the page. We generally don't want the sidebar pinned obscuring the content.

    For quick access to the sidebar, consider using the '[' keyboard shortcut.

  2. Will Gibson reporter

    I've just check this and even at full width (1920px) on my browser (Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m) the side bar is not automatically expanded and still opens and closes when you click on the large empty grey area.

    Maybe I'm reporting a bug as this doesn't sound like the expected behaviour you describe above?

  3. Chris Somme staff

    It sounds like it's possibly a bug. The sidebar is supposed to auto expand and 1280px. When you have your window expanded wider than 1280px and expand the sidebar, does it obscure the repository content like this (screen shot slightly narrower than 1280px): obscured.png

    or do you see it like this (slightly wider than 1280px): expanded.png

  4. Will Gibson reporter

    I see it like the latter. It expands and collapses automatically like you say, but it's the hit area for closing it that I'm moaning about.

    See here...


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