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Add repository name on Page Title (BB-10829)

Josir Gomes
created an issue

On every single page of Bitbucket, there isn't a single element or text that defines the current repo.

The only way to know the current repo is reading the URL on browser. And if a user has several repos and don't have URL visible on browser, it can be nasty.

My proposal is to append the Repo Name along the Page Title, for example:

"MyRepo Issues"

"MySecondRepo Source"

and so on...

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  1. Chris Somme staff

    Hi Josir,

    I've added an internal backlog item to track your feedback. In the mean time, the information is available in the sidebar.

    When the sidebar is collapsed, the repository's icon in displayed at the top of the sidebar. If you have distinct icons for different repositories, you should be able to tell what repository you're on based on that icon. If the sidebar is expanded, the repository icon, owner and name are displayed at the top of the sidebar.

  2. Josir Gomes reporter

    Thanks for the feedback Chris.

    I noticed that I could expand the sidebar but it's another action to take. I think that the title occupies a "noble" but empty area on all pages and could be used for that.

    As I said, it's just a suggestion to fill the empty area.

  3. Patrick Turley

    I wrote BUCKET-63, but then later learned that this was not the correct way to submit a problem/suggestion for Bitbucket. I've reproduced my problem report immediately below.

    I'm glad to learn that I can open the sidebar to discover what repo I'm viewing. That is certainly helpful.

    As it happens, I use FIrefox with a sidebar extension, so that "real estate" on my display is already accounted for, and I always have the Atlassian sidebar collapsed, no matter which product I'm using (Bitbucket, Confluence, JIRA).

    That said, I don't want to argue too stridently because I think the current approach isn't "bad" and it's not a huge problem to begin with.

    If I can be picky for just a moment, though, I'll point out that Confluence does not put the page title in the sidebar because it is essential information that must be visible even when the user has the sidebar closed. By analogy, IMHO, the repository title is essential information that also must always be visible when the user has the sidebar closed.

    Within a given repository, the following main "pages" don't tell me which repository I'm viewing:

    • Overview
    • Commits
    • Pull Requests
    • Downloads

    The following "page" is helpful, because it names the repository in the breadcrumb trail:

    • Source

    In some of these pages, it's possible to find "clues" about the repository I'm viewing. For example, the "Overview" page includes the repository's URL in the upper-right and, if I click there and scroll to the end, I can extract the repository name.

    Also, it's possible to look at the URL in my address bar and extract he repository name from that.

    I claim, however, this is like not showing the title of a Confluence wiki page. Yes - I can figure out what page I'm looking at, but I'd like the title to be presented more clearly.

    It's not uncommon for me to go to my main "team" page and middle-click on a number of interesting repositories, spawning new tabs as I go. Then, as I work through my new tabs, I have to extract the name of the repository I'm looking at in each tab. If the name of the repository were prominently displayed, this wouldn't be a problem.

    I can imagine there are real-estate concerns for the interface, and you don't want to consume it with a name banner. I'd be perfectly happy to have an option that could turn the banner on for people who prefer it.

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