Adding a wiki to team profile page

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Lei Li
created an issue

We would like to setup a team wiki so everyone could contribute in.

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  1. Chris Somme

    Wikis are associated with a repository on Bitbucket and it is very unlikely that we're going to associate a wiki directly with a team instead of with a repository. You can have a repository that everyone on the team has access to that has a wiki.

  2. Hussein Yahfoufi

    I hope you guys would reconsider this. This would help us a lot in staying organized. The workaround you proposed wont work if you tend to tie tickets to wiki articles and vice versa. We have a team project with multiple repositories: one for iOS, one for Android and one for Web. Each repository needs its own set of tickets and code, even its own wiki but for overall overview of the platform, the general architecture, database structure, APIs, etc... that documentation has to be shared across the projects.

    If we create a general repo that everyone has access to, we would be able to use the special markups that we all love such as:

    linking to a ticket #14

    or linking to a wiki article Example

  3. Scott Adams

    I agree with this completely. The overview page of a team shouldn't be a listing of the teams repositories but of a team created wiki page. This would help my teams stay organized as well from a top level perspective.

    Reconsider please.

  4. KyleB

    +1 I've been trolling through documentation thinking it was something I could enable. Seems really clunky that this is not a feature.

  5. kversp

    At least let us have a description of the Team that is more than a short name and a URL. Even a simple text field of reasonable length or a Team-level "README" would work for my requirements. I have a collection of repositories that represent distinct projects within a broad theme. My team is named for the theme, but I'd like to have a description on the Team-page so that external people know what the team is all about.

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