Invalid branch name but branch created (BB-10834)

Issue #9768 open
Xavier Leune created an issue


Some times when I try to create a branch in bitbucket i have an error "Invalid branch name".

Create a branch — Bitbucket.png

But the branch have been created and if I click again the button I have the message "A branch with this name already exists"

Create a branch — Bitbucket-2.png

This issue happened on every repos but it's not every time I try to create a branch.
It just happened on the repo ccmbenchmark/testrepo when trying to create the branch "preprod" from the master.


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  1. Chris Somme

    Are you seeing this for git or mercurial repositories? It looks like you created a test repository to reproduce this issue, is this something that is regularly reproducible for you?

  2. Xavier Leune reporter

    Thanks for your answer, it's a git repository. Actually this repo is named "testrepo" but it have not been created to reproduce this issue but to test some automatised tools in our workflow.

    We only have git repositories and i could notice at least on 3 of them. I don't have any step to reproduce it but all I can say is : it happens :-)

  3. Chris Somme

    I haven't been able to reproduce the problem, but I will open an internal issue to track it. If you do have reproduction steps, please add them to this report.

  4. Hubert yang

    We have the same problem. Created a invalid-name branch, but cannot delete now. Any idea how to delete it?

  5. Eesa Jacobs

    I'm experiencing this issue using mercurial. Any fix for this? I created a branch before, removed it and now I cannot create a branch with the same name again

  6. Marcus Bertrand staff


    For anyone still experiencing an issue with this, please come directly to for personal help. In some cases, Git may be failing to work around the existence of the old branch. For this issue, we'll need to help you directly. I'm going to move this issue back to open as a bug pending more information gathered from users opening private support tickets so we can look deeper at this.


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