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git notes not appearing when viewing a commit message. (BB-10831)

Brent Cowgill
created an issue

git notes not appearing when viewing a commit message.

A colleague pushed a commit with no commit message.

Did a git notes add .... to attach a note about what the commit was, then git push origin refs/notes/*

And when looking at the commit details in bitbucket, the notes are not shown.

Would be good to have them display.

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  1. Jonathon Wyza

    Any chance this can be, at the very least, added as a field returned by the API? /1.0/projects/{projectSlug}/repos/{repoSlug}/commits/ and /1.0/projects/{projectSlug}/repos/{repoSlug}/commits/{commitid}. Really would love to use notes to tie commits to specific builds in our artifact system, but need to be able to see that data somewhere in the UI.

  2. Jonathon Wyza

    I temporarily created a custom REST API for just notes on my internal system. It'd still be ideal for notes to be returned as part of the list of commit objects instead of having to fetch notes for each object. (where coh is a CommandOutputHandler that just reads in the input from the notes command and returns a string)

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