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Klaus Unger
created an issue

Hello, Recently we got granted an academic license for Bitbucket for our technical highschool. Awesome. Now the preparation for next years turnus (beginning of september) starts, and I investigated the API a bit.

Unfortunately I was not able to find an API call to create a user.

So my question/proposal is/would be:

Are there any API calls to create users and teams based on dynamic dataset, which we will receive automatically from our student information management system? I would have to create initially a couple of hundret users and about 50 teams? Do I have to do this manually?

Thanks for any help/enlightment.

kind regards Klaus

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  1. Chris Somme

    Hi Klaus,

    We currently do not have any way to programmatically add users or teams, and it's unlikely that we'll add this since it has the possibility of being abused. We expect individual users to create an account with a password and verify their email addresses.

    Once the teams and users have been created, users can be added to groups programmatically. See https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/groups+Endpoint for APIs used to administrate groups

  2. Dyllen Owens

    @Chris Somme honestly this seems like a foolish answer. What if we want to dynamically create users for our company and have access to their account via a secondary administration panel? This isn't an edge case, lots of large corporations create this style of infrastructure, you're alienating these companies because you choose not to build this into PAID accounts. Will take my money else where and purchase an enterprise github solution. Lost $200 of my companies money based on this foolish and impractical implementation.

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