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Issue #9785 resolved

New sidebar navigation popup always showed

Davide Pastore
created an issue

I clicked "Got it" but it's always here. It's too annoying.

Comments (5)

  1. farvardin NA

    I have this problem as well. It seems there is a conflict with my firefox settings and / or extensions, and some parts of the bitbucket features are not working correctly because of this.

    For example I always got the pop up, which is annoying, and if I try to add a picture to my projects I can't (it just doesn't save). I couldn't also "vote" for this current issue. But if I log in with an other browser (chrome for example), everything is working fine, so I could press "got it" and it didn't appear again in firefox as well because it was correctly stored in my bitbucket settings.

    I got very few similar problems with this firefox profile (maybe 2-3 websites, and bitbucket is one of them).

  2. farvardin NA

    I found in my firefox about:config the network.http.sendRefererHeader option was set to 1, while by default it's set to 2. Using 1 was probably blocking some code, so turning it to 2 again was the solution to my problem.

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