creating a patch queue doesn't appear to generate .hgignore for the patches dir

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Ches Martin
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After walking through the process of working with patch queues on Bitbucket with Jesper today, I think I've got it down, but just noticed this:

After creating a fresh patch queue repo today and following the proper steps, it doesn't appear that an .hgignore gets generated for the patch repo. This is normally done by hg qinit -c when creating a versioned patch queue locally, to automatically prevent things like 'status' and 'guards' files from getting committed to the patch repo. But when I qclone my patch repo from bitbucket, there's no such .hgignore in .hg/patches. This could end up leading to some gotchas.

This was a patch queue created with series file omitted, by the way. Haven't tested the other way yet.

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    When you omit the series file, it's the same as saying "leave the repository with no commits" which will allow you to push an arbitrary repository into it, as it's basically empty.

    If we created a .hgignore file for you, you'd get the error "remote repository is unrelated" when trying to push it in, so this is by design.

    If you don't omit the series, you will get both 'series' and '.hgignore', though.

  2. Ches Martin reporter
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    Can we double-check?

    I did later try this on a test setup without omitting the series file, and still didn't get the .hgignore. Of course the creation of the series file itself doesn't seem to happen on disk (why #61 is open, I guess?), so maybe all this is fixed in revisions that aren't deployed yet?

    Makes sense for the case of omitted series though, thanks for clarifying.

  3. Jesper Noehr

    They're in a version of lysander that is not yet live. It will come :-) I'm a bit uneasy about deploying largely untested changes on a production site as it is, but I'll get around to rolling out 40-50 changesets today.

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