Repository size doesn't refresh after delete

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Claudio Carcaci
created an issue

Hi all, as mentioned in the title of this issue I have experienced an overcome of 1GB limit of my repository. Thus I have been delete some of large folders on repo (and putting them into .gitignore file). Nowadays the repo size still remain over 1GB despite that the download of .zip version of repo is about 250MB same as the size of repo without large folders.

How frequent is the refreshing of repo size? What can I do for forcing the repo size recalculation on Bitbucket?

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  1. Claudio Carcaci reporter

    Hi Abhin, no nothing goes wrong on repo size (despite the fact that 1.4GB of size on repo generates warning). In the afternoon by reasoning on how versioning works I have think about the different commits with older versions including ones that have a large amount of (unnecessary) files.

    I could do a gc or prune or something like, but since this is the first commit I prefer to delete my repo, set properly my .gitignore file and re-commit the whole repo.

    So, what can I say, thanks for ready answer ;)

    A worth function for Bitbucket web front-end could be the management of older states with deletion available :)

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