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Issue #9832 closed

Deletion of milestone, version or component should be confirmed with a dialog (BB-10869)

Anonymous created an issue

It is beyond my imagination, why deletion of milestone, version or component is not confirmed by a dialog (the very same, that appears, when trying to delete issue or comment)?

For those, who thinks, that its not needed, because you can very easily recreate element deleted by an accident, here is the thing: Don't forget, that our bellowed Bitbucket developers have honored us with a feature, that ads idiotic Component removed (or similar) comment to every issue that had that accidentally deleted element. So, accidental delete of for example milestone, may in some occasion end up with generating of hundreds of useless comments to your issues. That's why such operation should be confirmed by any kind or form of dialog!

To make things even worse, the very same, bellowed Bitbucket developers are failing to implement such simple feature, like adding Delete link to this useless, auto-generated comments. Believe it or not, they're struggling with this problem for past HALF YEAR and still haven't figured out anything!

So (to Bitbucket team and others), YES, we NEED a confirmation dialog before deletion of milestone, version or component!

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