Owner of pull request should not be able to approve the pull request (BB-10871)

Issue #9845 wontfix
Yoganandhini Yoganandan
created an issue

Author who commits and creates a pull request should not have permission to approve the same pull reuqest

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  1. Mark Mitchell

    Yeah please don't enforce process on users. If you want to have some sort of process settings then sure, let people turn them on/off and use them but to blanket the system with constraints that address one persons preferred process is far from ideal.

  2. Leonid Mamchenkov

    Initially I was very much in support for this feature. It makes sense for projects with teams. But then I remembered that sometimes I do work on projects alone, still following the feature branch workflow. If there's nobody else on the project and I am the only contributor, not being able to merge my own pull requests wouldn't be very useful. So, yes, an option would be nice here.

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