Add support for <ins> and <del> tags in markdown (BB-10872)

Issue #9846 closed
Former user created an issue

To avoid the C++ problem, the <ins> and <del> can be supported.

On January 8, 2014 (half year ago) I made this comment in issue about supporting strikethrough text in Bitbucket issues and then, five days later I made another comment in the same issue. In both cases (at a time of January) both strikethrough and inserted text were working all fine and were rendered correctly.

As I see now, support for inserted text was removed. When and why? Is this temporal or permanent? If this is permanent (for example, because of C++ problem), then is it worth rising an issue for adding support for <ins> and <del> tags?

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  1. Abhin Chhabra

    Hi @trejder, as you obviously know, we had some C++ related issues with the inserted text markdown. As can be seen here, an extension to markdown that only supports strikethrough and not inserted text was proposed and later used.

    To acknowledge this problem, I'll create an internal issue.

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