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Issue #9851 resolved

Lost history

Craig Edmunds
created an issue

Hi guys,

We've got an issue with our bitbucket at the moment where we lost some commits to the develop branch of our routing-service:

This was the state of develop before we started the recovery process: https://bitbucket.org/flyvictor/routing-service/commits/branch/develop-bak

These are some commits we've found that were missing: https://bitbucket.org/flyvictor/routing-service/branch/weirdbucket?dest=develop-bak

How can we trace how this happened? Was this an issue your end or ours? I'm guessing it was caused by my git activities related to elastic beanstalk, but I'd like to know definitively.

I've just set the "prevent rebase on branch" flags. Is this enough to prevent a recurrence?

Comments (2)

  1. Abhin Chhabra staff

    Hi Craig Edmunds,

    We generally don't lose commits. If you are able to point to commits that are missing using our branch-comparison tool, then that means that the commits are all on our servers (otherwise the branch-comparison tool wouldn't have worked). It seems that one or more of your branches were moved around to commits in ways you did not expect.

    I recommend you check the reflog on your local machine (and possibly any other machines that interact with your repo) to discover what caused the branch(es) to be moved around unexpectedly.

    The "prevent rebase on branch" flag will stop you from rebasing your branch. I don't think it would stop you from moving your branch around.

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