Add REST API endpoint for Git trees and blobs (BB-4483)

Issue #9858 closed
Keith Rosenberg
created an issue

The rest API (both versions) currently do not - as far as I can tell - have an endpoint that allows a user to get a JSON object representing a Git tree, equivalent to the feature provided in the Github API here:

I'm with the component team and we're supporting BitBucket as a remote currently, using remotes.js to normalize different remote endpoints into a single unified API - I was able to port over most BitBucket functionality, however, I was not able to add support for trees. See

The tree call is only necessary for globbing, and we have been able to manage without it for a while but some new issues have arisen, and I am sure more will come - I have a creeping suspicion that the missing tree functionality could be the culprit or will be in the near future.

Ideally a recursive option would exist as well.

Cheers, - Keith Rosenberg (

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  1. Keith Rosenberg reporter

    No problem, I hope this use case is helpful in making the case for such an endpoint. Thanks for responding. Is there any way for me to track BB-4483 so that I can implement when/if this feature is available?

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