Notification emails - allow text or html

Issue #9882 wontfix
Maury Hill
created an issue

it would be nice to toggle notification emails to be in either text or html format, sort of like JIRA (your other system).

Phone email clients don't always render the html very well, in fact, they render yours horribly for messages showing a commit and their comment.s

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  1. Jay Luker

    Really? Not very helpful. Yes, the message contains both the text and html versions, but in Gmail, for instance, it's not easy (or intuitive) to switch from viewing html (default) to text. You want to know how to do it? Click the 'More" arrow in the top-right corner of the message and choose, "Message Text Garbled?". The text version of the message with then pop up in a new window or tab. This is not a satisfactory solution for users who would prefer text emails. Alternatively, you can set a global preference, but then you're screwed if you actually DO want to see html emails from some sources. Try harder.

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