#error fatal: No existing author found with 'userX'

Issue #9886 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Good morning, I'm trying to migrate from svn to git on bitbucket but I've got an error.

10:19:20 Done 10:19:20 fatal: No existing author found with 'eric_*****4' 10:19:20 Unable to convert svn checkout to git 10:19:20 Svn checkout failed: %s: %s

I already commit with this account in my svn server and this message keep on showing. Could you help me, please?

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  1. Abhin Chhabra staff

    Hi @eric_andrade2014. I've been told that this error is common if your email address is unconfirmed. I see that you have indeed confirmed your email address. Is there a chance that you confirmed your email address after you created this issue? If so, you may want to try importing again.

    If you want, I can delete your repos that are stuck in an "importing" state.

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