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Issue #9888 closed

Decline option in pull requests should allow formatted text (BB-10955)

Anonymous created an issue

I can add fully formatted, Markdown-based text, as comment to any pull request, but I can't do this in decline reason window. Anything I enter there is not formatted, new-lines are stripped and in the result, decline reason (if longer than usual) ends up as nearly-unreadable long one-line string. Why?

This should be fixed. If we use formatted text nearly everywhere, we should use it for reasons and other texts as well.

Comments (4)

  1. Marc Abramowitz

    Also, is there any way to see the reason a PR was declined?

    I submitted a PR to a project and my PR was declined and I personally got an email with the reasoning, but it doesn't show up on the pull request page. Which means that other viewers don't know why it was declined and even I a few months ago revisiting, might've forgotten. Surely, it should be shown publically, just like a comment?

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