Public issue tracker doesn't allow issue creation for anonymous users when using custom domain (BB-10954)

Issue #9890 wontfix
Prakhar Kumar
created an issue

A few of my repositories have a public issue tracker with the option for anonymous issue creation. However, users are unable to create issues, and there is no "create issue" button on top-right of the site

I would also like to point out that this happens when I use a custom domain.

When I go to I see the create issue button.

But when I go to, I don't see the create issue button.

This is a recent bug. Previously this worked as expected.

This only happens for guests. Users that are logged in can create issues irrespective of the domain.

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  1. Craine Runton

    Why would user's have to be logged in to create issues? Especially when there is an option specifically allow for anonymous issue creation? You can plainly see in the attached screenshot that I am not logged in, and yet the create issue button is available. As was said by the OP, the issue he brought up only comes in when you have the issue tracker mapped to a custom domain. Are you saying that you cannot have a custom domain and allow for anonymous issue creation? Because that is something entirely different from what you have said when you changed this issue to wontfix


    This image shows me not logged in, but still able to create an issue. 2.png

  2. John Garcia

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's unlikely that we will make any major changes to the issue tracker in the near future, but we will keep your suggestion in mind if anything changes.

  3. John Garcia

    The design intent of the custom domain is to allow you to publish a static site, not to use the normal Bitbucket feature set. As mentioned at the end of Associate an existing domain with an account, we don't intend for this to be used for repository access. For that, we recommend Stash or another behind-the-firewall DVCS solution hosted on your own network and protected by HTTPS.

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